How to sort an array in classic ASP

When working with database recordsets in an Active Server Pages environment, I often need to store my data in an array. The difficulty with arrays is that there are no native functions in VB Script to easily sort an array. I've created a quick function that will easily sort arrays. This function will reorder all the information in each row of the array so that the selected array column is sorted. The first row of the array is used to decide which variable types are being used for the sort column. I use this in many of my sites where I have to pull back encrypted data from the database. I decrypt the data with our MemberProtect object inside of the ASP script then place all the data into an array. Once the data is in the array I can sort it and display it to the user. Future enhancements to this function will include the ability to select which column of the array you would like to sort o... [More]

Hang Pictures without Nails, Screws or Tools

Today I hung a 38" x 38" framed picture in less than 30 seconds without nails, screws, a hammer or drill by using the most innovative, yet simple invention I've seen in years. [More]

E-commerce 101: The Essentials Every E-commerce Site Must Have

Most shopping cart systems offer the basic functionality that allows customers to add products to their carts and checkout. To convert more visitors into customers and keep customers coming back, make sure that your e-commerce software offers these features [More]

InetSolution Launches New E-commerce Site for Monicatti Chrysler Jeep

InetSolution, Inc. has developed and launched a new e-commerce website for Monicatti Chrysler Jeep of Sterling Heights, Michigan. The site’s URL is InetSolution developed the site under their Six Month ROI program that allows retailers to build an e-commerce site and recoup their total investment in six months or less. "To lower development costs, we use an open source e-commerce platform," said InetSolution owner Jason Sherrill, "and we minimize ongoing costs by providing clients with our InetActive management system to manage content, inventory, customer records and order processing." Sherrill says, "Monicatti’s new site is one of the few auto dealer websites in the Detroit area that allows customers to schedule service and body shop appointments, apply for auto loans and buy Mopar Performance parts all on one site." Mon... [More]

InetSolution Upgrades Research Federal Credit Union Website

** Note -- This client maintains their own content, so the website may no longer reflect the original design and strategic plan InetSolution provided. ** UTICA, MI, JANUARY 30, 2005 – InetSolution, Inc., announced the re-launch of the Research Federal Credit Union web site (  The new site gives members one-click access to home banking, on-line bill payment, account management and members-only site features. Most importantly, the site adheres to CSS/XHTML standards to improve usability and simplify site maintenance. Research Federal has consistently been at the forefront of technology within its industry, especially in online offerings. To improve usability, IneSolution reduced page sizes by an average of 45% by optimizing code and implementing CSS-driven design. The site also uses InetSolution’s proprietary single sign-on solution to improve security by centr... [More]

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