Tips for Creating an Effective Website Design Request for Proposal

Nine out of ten requests for proposal that we receive at InetSolution do not contain enough information for us to provide a reliable cost estimate or recommendation for a solution. This severely hinders a bank, credit union or any business from receiving good proposals from quality firms. We will offer some guidance to business managers who are creating requests for proposal to help ensure that your RFP can help companies to provide you with a proposal that actually provides a reliable estimate and meaningful solution. [More]

Website Design Credibility Is A Key To Bank and Credit Union Website Success

Low online prices and special offers are great, but do they actually help you build credibility with your credit union members or bank customers? The latest research might surprise you! [More]

Three Essential Requirements for a Successful Credit Union Web Site

An astonishing number of credit union members feel that their credit union’s web sites offer little or no value. Features such as on-line banking, bill payment, educational content and loan applications exist on most of these sites, but credit unions are missing the key elements necessary to make these features valuable to their members. The three biggest flaws of credit union web sites are in the areas of on-line service, personalization and usability. [More]

Why Deliver A Newsletter of Usable Substance?

You have successfully aggregated a database of your customers, and your marketing team is anxious to extend their reach to e-mail.

It's a tempting proposition. No printing costs, no postage and no lag time so why not use it as often as possible? Because everyone else is abusing the privilege of a customer's trust and without tremendous restraint, discretion and planning, your valuable messages are lost in the din of the crowd. [More]

2002 Credit Union Website Usability Issue Ten - Failure to Develop and Adhere to a Web site Growth Plan

It’s normal for a credit union to design a web site with its current situation in mind, but the web site architecture should allow for some reasonable level of expansion. In many cases, after the web site is launched, departments within the credit union emerge that insist upon being included in the main navigation. These items, not identified within the initial architecture, appear as a visual and functional afterthought, frequently crippling usability and cohesiveness that the initial web site had. Make sure updates to your site don't make it look slapped together. The Fix: During planning, identify areas that may be subject to expansion, and prepare a plan to address these needs as they emerge. Build in controls so any growth occurs at an incremental rate. Develop business rules, so that each request for expansion is carefully evaluated and qualified. Lastly, plan regular web-c... [More]

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