Four Metrics to Look at on your Bank or Credit Union Website

Earlier I wrote a post about looking at analytics for your website to help determine what may be going wrong or right on it, especially before embarking on a website redesign.

Well I got a lot of emails asking what specific things people should be looking at...I know now that “all of them” probably wasn’t the answer they were looking for. So here we go, four metrics to look at weekly within Google Analytics. [More]

Social Media Is a Waste of Time?

Yesterday The Financial Brand took off the proverbial gloves with a great article, Why Social Media Is a Waste of Time for Most Banks & Credit Unions. We highly suggest you take the 10 minutes to give it a read. It is a blunt, to the point article about the realities around social media in the financial world. [More]

What’s Going Wrong on your Bank Website?

When I was growing up my dad always kept a little book in the glove box of his truck. Every time we visited a gas station he would take that little book out and jot down the mileage from the odometer. I remember asking him once why he wrote down the miles and he told me “so I know if something may be wrong with the truck”. [More]

Is your homepage really creating new customers?

I ask web site owners this question a lot and many have no idea if they’re site’s are actually creating new customers. Many assume that they are but have no definitive way of measuring the results of their home pages. So I usually follow on with a question of "Well what’s the main goal of your home page?" [More]

How to make your members happy with mobile

It's easy, think of the small stuff. I was at an event the other day where a friend of mine was showing off the fancy Chase iphone app. She was enthusiastically demonstrating how easy it was to pay someone and deposit a check with the use of a picture. Now we all know that Chase spent a fair amount of time, money and effort to make that iPhone app and I’d bet the buzz it has generated has been well worth the investment. [More]

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