"Not only is InetSolution the most competent and reliable company to work with, they hire the best people on earth."

Matt D, Filene Research Institute

Our Leadership Team

Hiring a web development & hosting team is less about technology and more about finding the right people who understand how to implement that technology. You should be looking for people who not only have skill and talent, but who also have genuine drive to serve others and deliver outstanding work. Those are the only people we hire at InetSolution, so we've done the hard part for you.

This is Matt


Matt leads our web & software development teams, helping clients delight their customers while finding the win-win, and helping the team wherever possible. Matt is an expert in many facets of software engineering, and programming, including Kentico, C#, .NET, SQL, JavaScript, continuous integration, and many other languages, frameworks, and platforms. Matt likes to spend as much time as possible with his wife and daughters, from week long road trips to museum day trips. Any time left over goes towards whittling down his too long reading list, running, GORUCKing, or enjoying the craft beers West Michigan is known for. Matt is also the Vice President of the Kalamazoo X Conferences non-profit board bringing TED-X like talks to Kalamazoo.



Erin is our Chief Project Director and is backbone of InetSolution and is our greatest client ambassador. She makes sure that anything you can throw at us gets done, and gets done right. She's a mother of twins, and before joining InetSolution she spent 15 years as a successful financial systems analyst and project manger for a Fortune 500 company. She represents the left side of the brain for the company.

This is Jordan


Jordan leads internal product development, bringing complex development needs to users screens in a way that everyone can understand and utilize. Jordan has a bottomless appetite for all that is new and shiny in the technology world. Jordan has two young children who he builds cardboard forts with while teaching them the intricacy of software architecture. Jordan is also always looking for a challenger in board games and is a frequent victim of nerd sniping.

This is Jason


Jason grew up in Northern Michigan raising cattle & hogs by day, and spending way too much time in front of computers by night. Now that he's grown up, he brings that Midwestern hospitality and hard working attitude to InetSolution. Jason has led more software & web development projects for financial institutions than anyone else we know in the industry. He primarily focuses on internet security, leads system design & management of our managed hosting operations, and works with all of our new clients to design & plan strategies to use technology to solve business problems and create new opportunities. He's also a father of twin girls, a BBQ lover, a hunter, a perpetual optimizer, and a weekend mechanic.



Donovan, InetSolution's Creative Director, brings a down-to-earth, technical mindset to design and development projects. He is an expert in responsive design, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and bank website design best practices. He is a father of two preschool aged girls. In his spare time he works with special needs groups. He also enjoys drawing and painting, building things, and playing video games and board games with friends.



Jay is InetSolution's CIO and his expertise is in bank website management, networking, LAN/WAN/backbone connectivity, Cisco equipment, and network security. Jay oversees network operations at InetSolution, as well as helping clients choose the correct technology platforms for their websites and web-based applications. He also has extensive IT experience in the banking industry as a former IT Director for a community bank in metro Detroit before joining InetSolution. Jay also has a passion for maximizing the performance of automobiles and thanks to his OCD, has the most organized tool collection the world has ever seen.

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