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New Massachusetts Data Security Law Could Affect Many Banks, Credit Unions and Other Online Businesses Outside of the State

Posted by Jason Sherrill

The state of Massachusetts' new data security law, 201 CMR 17.00, will impact many web based applications that collect and store personal financial information about users. The new law reaches beyond the state's borders and affects organizations that are collecting and storing personally identifiable information (PII) about Massachusetts residents. The law requires that PII be encrypted during transport (from client to browser) and while at rest. The law imposes stiff monetary penalties for organizations that fail to provide these two types of data protection for PII that they collect and store about Massachusetts residents.

Guidelines for Developing and Hosting Secure Online Forms for Banks and Credit Unions

Posted by Jason Sherrill

InetSolution provides not only secure website hosting for banking sites, but we also provide application development and security consulting. Even with all of the security awareness present in the financial industry, the overwhelming majority of banks and credit unions that fail our basic website form security audit. At a bare minimum, any form that collects information from visitors to your website should meet these criteria.

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