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InetSolution Releases New Version of MemberProtect for Credit Union and Bank Website Security

Utica, MI - July 6, 2001-- Pressure has been mounting on banks and credit unions to provide more solid protection of members' personal information stored on-line, but until now, only partial solutions existed. As many credit unions and on-line retailers have learned, firewalls and SSL do not provide essential protection of databases. Because of this, many credit unions delay launching e-branch strategies, while others move ahead and risk losing valuable member trust by exposing personal account information to hackers. Fortunately, credit unions and on-line retailers now have a solution available to them that will close the gaping hole that traditional data security methods leave open.

How often have we read about hackers stealing thousands of credit card numbers from on-line databases, costing website owners and credit card companies millions of dollars, and valuable consumer trust? These sites utilized firewalls and SSL technologies, but they failed to protect the data once it was stored inside the internal databases. InetSolution, Inc. has released its new MemberProtect™ security system that addresses the missing link in modern on-line data protection.

"Most organizations feel that if they're using SSL and a firewall, then they're adequately protecting their member's data," said Jason Sherrill, President of InetSolution, Inc. "Unfortunately, these technologies don't offer any protection once a hacker has compromised them and can then view data inside the database. Also, they provide zero protection from threats inside the organization, such as a disgruntled system administrator."

Unlike other technologies that encrypt the data only during transmission,MemberProtect™ secures the data after it is stored in the database system, and prevents any unauthorized users from viewing it. InetSolution, Inc. developed a unique method to encrypt the data that is virtually impenetrable. Even if a hacker compromises all other security measures, she still won't be able to view the data since it is encrypted inside the database. Websites that have fallen victim to data theft in the past had failed to adequately cover this most important base in data security. The bottom line-even if hackers gain access to the database, they still cannot view the data in a readable format.

"We've developed this technology to serve our large credit union and financial clients who were concerned about privacy and security vulnerabilities," said Sherrill. "These institutions needed a better solution than those currently available to the public sector. We worked with some of the largest credit unions in the country to create a solution that met the strict data protection needs they had."

In addition to credit unions, many other companies and not-for-profit organizations have begun using InetSolution's security system. Concerned with new regulations and growing consumer awareness of privacy issues, organizations are scrambling to offer their members the peace of mind associated with complete personal information protection.

"Our clients don't enjoy notifying customers that a credit card database has been compromised," says Jason Sherrill at InetSolution. "Likewise, members place great trust in their credit unions, and the CEOs we work with all express the strong desire to maintain that trust. They know that one small security incident can wreak havoc on their attempts to build confidence in e-branch services."

InetSolution, Inc. began working this month with several new credit unions in Michigan who are moving forward with e-branch initiatives, and each of these institutions will use the CU Member Protect™ system. Sherrill indicated that privacy and personal information protection is the "number one concern"of credit union managers he has talked to recently.

InetSolution, Inc. is a Detroit-based developer of e-business tools, software and website systems. InetSolution focuses on providing exceptional service and knowledge that leads to the development of outstanding return on investment for their clients. To receive more information on InetSolution's products and services, visit http://www.inetsolution.com, or contact Jason Sherrill at (586) 726-9490.

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