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Failover or Disaster Recovery Sites on a Budget for Banks and Credit Unions

What should a failover site include?

The simplest failover sites that we create for our bank and credit union clients are single page websites that are always online in one of our data centers. These failover websites typically include:

  • Links to login pages for online banking and other key services
  • Phone numbers, live chat, and other important contact information
  • Links to the organization's social media pages
  • A simple message indicating that the main website is temporarily unavailable

Whenever you encounter a situation with your primary website where it is unavailable, either through planned maintenance & upgrades, or due to unplanned connectivity outages, code problems, or other issues, redirecting visitors to your failover website can be completed in a matter of minutes. By redirecting visitors to your failover site, customers will still have access to online banking, live chat, and contact information.

Setting up a failover site

The best time for a bank or credit union to prepare a disaster recovery failover site is before you need it. The failover site should be hosted live at all times so that you can direct visitors to it within minutes of discovering issues on your main website. Redirecting visitors should be an early step in your response plan checklist for website breaches. We offer a low-cost failover option for less than most banks' monthly office coffee budget. 

Contact us today if you need help setting up and hosting a disaster recovery failover site. Even if you host your main website with another provider, we can get you setup with a failover site without any changes to your primary website.

Example Failover Website

Here is a screenshot showing an example of a simple, single page failover site.

Screenshot of an example failover website

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