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Make Your Bank Website More Usable for Elderly and Handicapped Users

Posted by Donovan Myers on 1/23/2001

I recently read an article that described a number of issues that prevent disabled and elderly people from enjoying the Internet. I read this with interest because our InetActive™ suite of development tools can help to make your web site easier for disabled and elderly people to use. Let me share a few ideas that you can implement on your own site.

InetSolution and Central Corporate Credit Union Help Credit Unions Offer Online Services

Posted by on 11/27/2000

As financial institutions move more of their services online, small regional credit unions are faced with the fact that they must also migrate to the Internet just to compete with their larger counterparts. Now Central Corporate Credit Union, a correspondent service provider to credit unions, is offering its member institutions an edge in online banking thanks to CenCorp's EDGE On-line. Developed by InetSolution, Inc. for CenCorp, EDGE On-line is an Internet-based cash management system for credit unions that allows them real-time access to current account information and lets them perform routine transactions online.

Do you know the names of your site visitors?

Posted by on 3/30/2000

It certainly is no secret that most bank and credit union marketers regularly review site statistics to measure how effective their web sites are. A strong statistics system will record how many unique visitors are on your site, which pages are viewed, how long a visitor stays on your site and even from which link a user found your site. There is no doubt that this information is valuable; however, it isn't enough to truly capitalize on the power of your web site.

InetSolution, Inc. Helps Compuware Ready Sandbox.com for Record-Breaking $10 Million Online NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Contest

Posted by on 3/13/2000

Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ:CPWR) today announced that Sandbox.com, a leading provider of interactive games, tested the performance of their web site with Compuware's Digital Test Solution. In preparation for their "It's Madness!" contest, running through the duration of the NCAA men's basketball tournament, Sandbox.com tested for site performance and user experience, successfully testing for user loads of over one million participants during the three week contest.

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