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Why We Like WordPress, but Not for Banks and Credit Unions

Posted by Jason Sherrill

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web with millions of websites running it globally. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms available for beginners and experts alike to start a blog. It fulfills its core purpose remarkably well! But while we like (and use) WordPress as a blogging platform and as a convenient tool to refer friends & family to when they want to build a personal website, it is not a platform that banks and credit unions should consider for their websites.

Why Delivered Secure Reports the IP Address and UserAgent String of Recipients

Posted by Jason Sherrill

A Delivered Secure user recently asked what the External IP Address and Browser UserAgent String values are that we provided in an email notification when someone picks up a file you’ve sent. These two pieces of information help to form an audit trail and provide the sender of the secure message a level of validation that that person who received the files is intended recipient. Are there any security risks associated with highlighting this already public information? Let’s explore that question further.

“How much will this project cost?” May not be the Best First Question to Ask

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Usually the first question prospective clients hope I can answer quickly is, “How much is this going to cost?” That’s a reasonable question, but unless you know exactly what you want and can provide detailed specifications to your development team, you're not likely to receive an estimate with high degree of accuracy. In most situations, you'll achieve a better outcome by sharing your budget amount with a trustworthy partner and asking, "I have X dollars available for this project. How can I best maximize my value in this project?"

Bank Website Being Flagged as Phishing Site?

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Banks are naturally concerned when a customer reports that her security software is identifying the bank's website as a potential phishing site. In many cases, these reports are false positives and do not mean that someone has compromised your website, but there are steps that you should take to ensure the safety of your website and to assure your customers that the site is safe. 

Peninsula Bank Unveils New Modern Website

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Peninsula Bank is nestled in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a region where you can still have snowball fights in July, but people are unusually warm & friendly. When the awesome folks there asked us if we could help them modernize their website, we were happy to oblige.
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