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Unusual E-mail Marketing Move That Caught My Attention

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Email marketers are used to a majority of recipients ignore their email campaigns. After ignoring dozens or more, Stonyfield finally did something yesterday that got me to open one of their campaigns, and I loved it!

Why a simple typeo may be leaking your business's private data

Posted by InetSolution STaff

Have you ever mistyped an email address? Ever had someone misspell yours? Email address typos occur all the time, and these misspellings can actually be a very large security concern for your business.

Are you choosing a good password?

Posted by InetSolution STaff

Passwords, ugh, don't you hate them? Passwords are a shared annoyance and inconvenience for all of us these days. Passwords are our main line of defense to verify we are who we say we are and to protect our identity and data. Since passwords are such a critical component to our daily technology lives we've been forced to make them less "guessable" more cryptic and thus harder to remember. The most common technique for making your password has been to take a word, it is called a pass-WORD after all, and add some capitals, a number and then maybe some funky symbol like #, % or !. This is great, but surprisingly enough, this isn't really as secure as it could be AND it's silly hard to remember. Today the witty folks at xkcd, an online daily comic for techie nerds such as ourselves, posted a great little comic covering this topic.

5 Creative Uses for Secure File Exchange

Posted by InetSolution STaff

Secure File Exchange is one of those apps that we just love to work on because there are so many creative ways our customer's using it. So, we figured we would share a few:

5 Tips to make Instant Messaging more effective

Posted by InetSolution STaff

This topic has probably been written to death, and I'm sure we're all instant message experts by this point, but every once in awhile it's good for a reminder. With our team here at InetSolution the most used tool in our collaboration toolbox is probably instant message chat. While it's the most frequently used instant messages and chats are probably the easiest place for misunderstandings and miscommunications to occur. IM’s are typically rapid and un-edited messages. To help make IM's be more effective I wanted to put out a couple of points that I keep in mind in hopes to minimize confusion and miscommunication. 1) Re-read before you hit enter – I’m as fast of a typer as the next web-geek, unfortunately my brain works faster than my fingers. I often find that I’ve left out a word, combined two words or some combination of the two in probably half of my mess...
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