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Senior Web Developer - Full Time

We have the red carpet rolled out for a full stack senior web developer with strong ASP.NET MVC skills who loves making websites and apps that deliver a spectacular user experience.

If UI isn't your thing, don't worry, you will work paired on a team with a very talented UI designer during the planning, prototype, and development phases of all of your projects.

About InetSolution

Touchy Feely Stuff

We believe in being honest and ethical in all of our business practices with our clients, team members, and even the Internal Revenue Service. While mistakes stink, they do happen and we don't throw anyone under the bus when they do occur. We're family friendly, we work very little overtime, and we tend to build pretty close friendships amongst the team.

The Work

We’re a small team headquartered in southeast Michigan, with team members working across the U.S. We have been in business and profitable since 1998, but we still have the culture and tenacity of a young startup.

We do a few things really well:

  1. Create highly usable websites and mobile-optimized web apps for clients
  2. Create, manage, and host a growing suite of SaaS web-based services
  3. Work very well together as a close-knit, respectful team that takes a lot of pride in doing great work


We are a very casual and respectful team of professionals who pitch in wherever and whenever needed to help one another succeed. We’re passionate about creating an exceptional experience for users. We also believe strongly in a healthy balance between work and personal life, so it's pretty rare that we work overtime.


About You

Small Team Dynamic: You should enjoy working as part of small project teams (2 to 4 people) and like to take a leadership role in the software planning and design role.

Engineering Minded: You should be comfortable listening to a business problem or vision and then be able to design a software solution to achieve the goal. You will be the lead engineer on most of the projects that you work on, so strong n-tier website architecture knowledge is critical.

User-focused: End users can be a challenge to work with, but they’re the life-blood of our company. Watching users flail with your software can be painful, but if you’re a person who watches a usability test with a desire to make your software better in response to every obstacle your user faces, then you’ll be a good fit on the Inet team.

Explorer: We like to stay at the cutting edge with our work, so you would fit right in here if you love working with new frameworks, concepts, and pushing boundaries, especially in areas of performance optimization and user experience.






Other Stuff


Benefits & Compensation

If you would fit well on the Inet team, send us your resume, along with your salary requirements. We will interview ideal candidates both by telephone and in person. You must live in the United States and have permanent residency.

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