Email Marketing

Permission based email marketing returns the highest ROI of any push-based marketing tool available.

Opening Clear Communication Channels with Customers

Permission-based e-mail marketing is the fastest, most inexpensive, fully measurable way to reach your customers. Our e-mail marketing system makes getting started easy, with full personalization capabilities, extensive reporting and scalability to process unlimited campaigns to millions of recipients.

While the act of sending email messages is the easy part of email marketing, designing quality campaigns that generate results is a combination of art & science that we've perfected over the past decade.

Email Design Services

We can provide the design and marketing expertise you need to:

  • Produce visually appealing, professional looking campaigns
  • Avoid spam filters that often block email campaigns and render properly in all email clients
  • Write or optimize your campaign content to maiximize response
  • Create landing pages that work in harmony with your campaigns to maximize conversions
  • Use analytics to measure success and further improve future campaigns

Benefits of Permission E-mail Marketing:

  • Virtually no delivery costs since no postage is needed
  • No printing costs - campaigns are electronic
  • Members receive offers seconds after you send them
  • Know exactly who received, viewed and took advantage of offers- instantly!
  • Build stronger relationships by tailoring offers to each individual
  • Create & distribute new campaigns fast to stay ahead of competition

Properly executed permission-based e-mail marketing can significanly increase advertising response rates. Permission e-mail marketing allows you to build a stronger relationship with your customers, and increase overall satisfaction.

We help you to achieve these results, while at the same time significantly reducing the cost of your marketing efforts. We help you to build an electronic marketing powerhouse.

Let Us Improve Your Campaigns

Email Delivery Services

Each campaign costs only $5.00 (plus 3 cents per recipient) with no monthly fees.

Email List Management

Bank Mailer allows you to manage multiple subscriber lists so you can very precisely target your campaigns. Import lists using standard formats with automatic deduping and format checking on email addresses.

Email Testing

Bank Mailer allows you to send your email campaign to yourself or others before you schedule and pay for it. You can confirm that it looks like you expected and that all of your links work properly.

Email Reporting

You can view how many people received the email, how many opened it, how many and which links visitors clicked and, with Google Analytics integration, how many sales resulted from the email campaign.

More Features

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Email Scheduling
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • No Spam Policy

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