Case Studies of 'One or More Cool Things' We've Done for Our Clients

Coulee Bank

A local bank that prides themselves on serving the community for over 50 years. Along with a responsive website redesign, we extended the Kentico CMS to add a Board Member Portal that allows board members to prepare for upcoming meetings and vote on loan approvals.

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Coulee Board Portal

Board Member Portal Homepage

Coulee Board Member Portal Home Page

Current Board Meeting provides links to a page with documents to be downloaded before that meeting. Passed Board Meetings' files are also available to keep an archival record.

The Announcements link to uploaded PDF documents for board members to review.

A voting widget allows board members to vote on New Loan Requests. Logic is built into the system to detect when a majority vote has been reached. An archive of Closed Loan Requests may be displayed depending on availability.

Email Notification of Open Loans

Custom Kentico Screen

We also created custom views within the Kentico CMS to maintain the Board Portal. The above screen shows the setup for notifying Board Members of a New Loan Request. A complete notification history is kept within the CMS. The administrator may send multiple notifications and only the Board Members who have not voted will receive it.


To maintain a focus on security, the standard username and password functioanlity was extended with a one time Multi-Factor Authentication Authly Passcode.

Features: Custom Development