Case Studies of 'One or More Cool Things' We've Done for Our Clients

Mega Footer

First Security Bank Mega Footer Screenshot

Like the Mega Menu, the Mega Footer offers a way for visitors to quickly scan a categorized list of pages they may be interested in. Additionally, this provides navigation to many of the popular pages of the website without the visitor having to scroll back to the top of the page or navigate a menu. The Mega Footer also offers ample room for disclosures, links to privacy and security information, and compliance statements.

Features: Mega Footer

Encrypted Forms

For many of our clients, we have created a custom extension to Kentico CMS that encrypts form data in the database. This allows administrators to create forms that can contain sensitive data to be embedded right on the financial institution's website – no need for a 'secure' 3rd party.

Encrypted Form on First Security Bank

The form as it appears on First Security Bank's Credit Card Request Form. The form data is encrypted for transmission and sent over a SSL connection.

Database Screenshot

The form as data as it appears in the database. The sensitive social security number field (SocialSNEncrypted) is encrypted and unreadable.


The form data is not included in the email notification to administrators. Additionally, administrators are required to login to the CMS to view the encrypted form data. Optionally, Multi-factor Authentication may be added to the login process to further strengthen security.

Features: Custom Development