Case Studies of 'One or More Cool Things' We've Done for Our Clients


Search Animation

Our analytics have shown that the search input is frequently confused with the username or password field for online banking logins. To prevent visitors from inadvertently searching for their username or password, we have hidden the input field until the user clicks the search button. The button then transforms into the input and automatically places focus in the field. This preventative measure ensures that the visitor meant to use the search input without adding any extra steps or clicks.

Mega Menu Focus

First State Bank Mega Menu Overlay Animation

Websites, especially on the home page, contain many blocks of content designed to grab the visitor's attention to lead them to a destination. Sometimes those blocks can also draw attention from website navigation. In order to focus the visitor on the navigation choices and advertisements in the Mega Menu, we've darkened the rest of the website with an overlay. This draws the visitor's eye in and allows them to reach their intended destination quickly.

Features: Mega Menu

Contact Form on the Homepage

First State Bank Contact Form on Homepage Screenshot

Online Banking Login, Rates, and Contact Forms are most often the top used functions of a bank website. Frequently the Online Banking Login and Rates are displayed right on the homepage. We figured, why not include the contact form as well? Many bank websites offer a secure and insecure way to contact them, so of course we instruct visitors not to send any sensitive information through the homepage form. Our form also sets an expectation of when a visitor will receive a response by letting them know when the representatives are available.

Features: Contact Form