Case Studies of 'One or More Cool Things' We've Done for Our Clients

responsive design

DFCU Financial

With over 26 full-service branches, DFCU has been serving communities in Michigan for over 65 years.

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Cash Back Calculator

Dearborn Federal Credit Union Cash Back Calculator

Dearborn Financial Credit Union had an idea for a calculator that would let visitors calculate their cash back based on their age, deposit balances, and loan balances. We created a calculator that allows a visitor to quickly input their balances and see in real-time as their cash back balance increased. Of course, since DFCU's website is responsive, the calculator utilizes responsive design as well.

Features: Responsive Design

First State Bank

In Waynesboro, Mississippi, focuses on local involvement, fraud education, as well as travel & leisure services.

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Search Animation

Our analytics have shown that the search input is frequently confused with the username or password field for online banking logins. To prevent visitors from inadvertently searching for their username or password, we have hidden the input field until the user clicks the search button. The button then transforms into the input and automatically places focus in the field. This preventative measure ensures that the visitor meant to use the search input without adding any extra steps or clicks.

NexTier Bank

Locally owned and operated, the oldest bank in Pennsylvanian Armstrong and Butler counties. NexTier invests in community.

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Responsive Upgrade for Existing Design

NexTier Bank Homepage on Desktop Screenshot
NexTier Bank Phone Screenshot

NexTier Bank had a website that they liked the look of, they just didn't like that it wasn't responsive to mobile devices. We replaced the structure of their website to make it responsive, but kept all of the graphics, content, and other elements that made up the look and feel of the website. Now their site functions as well on tablets and phones as it did on desktops.

Features: Responsive Design