Online Journalism Awards Platform

Online journalism awards system, with complete source code, for under $10,000

Online Awards Platform


The Society of Professional Journalists' member organizations could not find an off-the-shelf online awards platform that met their needs. SPJ partnered with InetSolution to develop a platform custom built with just those needs in mind. SPJ has generously offered to make the platform available to other organizations at a fraction of the cost they spent developing it.


  • Entrant Registration
  • Award Submission
  • Online Payment
  • Judging
  • Reporting


Eliminate Shipping/Distribution Costs

With the SPJ Online Awards platform, all entries are submitted electronically and all of the judging takes place online. There's nothing to mail.

Take Payments Online

Entrants are prompted to securely pay online enabling you to focus on running the awards, not pestering entrants or waiting for checks to arrive.

Fast Setup

Your awards site will be fully customized and up and running within days of signing up.


Minimal Cost

No long-term contracts or high monthly subscription costs. You purchase the platform once and use it wherever and however you like.

Flexible Hosting Options

You may host your site wherever you choose, but we offer cost-effective hosting with no long-term commitments for around $100/mo.

Credit Card Processing

To accept credit cards, you will need an Internet merchant account and payment gateway account. If you don't have one or the other, you can sign up for both right online.

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