InetSolution Launches E-commerce Site for Texsource

This site allows Texsource staff to perform day-to-day site management through a web-based administration console. The site allows customers to purchase any product in Texsource's extensive screen printing supply inventory, including machines and chemicals. After launch, Texsource staff will manage the website’s content and overall look & feel. InetSolution is managing online pay-per-click advertising and organic search engine optimization for Texsource.

How to Setup Subversion + Apache + WebSVN on Windows

How to setup a Subversion source control server running Apache and WebSVN on Windows [More]

New Website and E-commerce Catalog for Contour Fabricators

InetSolution, Inc. has developed and launched a new website and e-commerce catalog for Contour Fabricators, Inc. (CFI) of Fenton, Michigan. The new site,, features an online catalog to showcase the products CFI manufactures for the medical imaging, rehabilitation and operating room accessory markets. To allow CFI to experiment with manufacturer direct sales, InetSolution integrated Google’s Buy It Now checkout function into CFI’s online catalog. The site also allows customers to view videos of CFI’s manufacturing processes. A secure customer portal provides a web-based method for customers to exchange drawings and other sensitive information with CFI. Founded in 1974, CFI Medical Solutions is now a global leader in the development & manufacturing of cutting edge medical accessories. CFI has expanded its operations internationally to include three manufa... [More]

Using Classic ASP and AJAX to Check Availability of a Username on User Registration Form

In this example, I’m showcasing how we can use ASP and AJAX to check for whether a username exists before a user completes a website registration form. [More]

How to Setup 301 Redirect in classic ASP, ASP.Net and IIS 6.0

Numerous bank and credit union website managers have asked me why their website traffic and sales dropped after launching new, improved websites. Numerous factors have contributed to the declindes, but there is one frequent cause that the designers didn't plan for when building the new sites - page renaming without setting up proper redirects. If you’re planning to redesign your credit union or bank's website, you need to understand what this means, why it happens and how you can avoid the problem. [More]

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