Banks & Credit Unions, Check Your Website for these Security Issues this New Year

It’s nearly 2011. At this point in the evolution of online services in the banking industry there should be no need for another blog post covering the basic fundamentals of securing online forms on retail banking websites. Or so one would hope, but that’s not the case. A random sampling of small bank and credit union websites will reveal that either bankers don’t have the knowledge or they choose to ignore it. In all likelihood, it’s a mixture of both. As you plan for 2011, save yourself some inevitable future grief and add a thorough website security review to your checklist for the new year, paying special attention to the tools on your website that collect personal information from customers. [More]

Secure File Exchange Provides A Safer Way to Share Sensitive Files and Data

Banks, credit unions, CPA firms and other businesses unknowingly put customer data at risk whenever they send sensitive files like tax returns, loan applications, employee lists and even passwords by email. Some organizations offer slightly more protection by using email encryption programs, but even encrypted email still puts data at risk. [More]

Our Favorite Stuff from 2010–Apps, Services & Blogs

We rely on many devices, services, software applications and people to help us do our work and make the most of our time on and off the clock. So a few of us here at Inet are sharing some of our favorites with you, starting with our most beloved apps, services and blogs. Perhaps you’ll also find that these apps and people can add some value to your life. (Next week we’ll share our favorite products, devices & gadgets with you.) [More]

How Banks and Credit Unions Can Use Yammer for Internal Social Media Interaction

Woo hoo, another post about how banks and credit unions can use social media! Yes, it’s true, that’s what this post is about. Sort of. I'm talking about using a social medial tool for internal communication, which is where we think social media tools actually can lend more value to the typical small & medium sized financial institutions than F.I. to consumer communications. [More]

UBS Email Error Costs Bank GM Deal – Use this Tip to Avoid the Same Fate

Today Mac shared this story about a UBS employee’s email mistake that cost UBS the GM underwriting deal for its upcoming stock sale and the $10 million revenue that went with it. There are some pretty complex – and expensive – solutions to help mitigate the risk of sending emails accidentally to the wrong people, but there is also a low-tech method that I wrote about in 2009 to help keep egg off your face and maybe even save your job. [More]

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