Modern Take on Keynesian and Austrian Economic Theory

I liked this innovative approach to showcasing the root fundamentals of the economic theories of Hayek and Keynes. I was also impressed that they shot the video for this on a Canon 7D digital SLR. Give it a look, it'll take you back to all the good memories you have of college econ lectures. [More]

Personalization More Important Than Ever When Banks Communicate with Customers

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston's post today titled When "Customer Service" Letters Undercut Bankers should remind us of the importance of personalizing communications to banking customers. [More]

Using Google Reader to Monitor Competitor Websites for Changes

Checkout how to use Google Reader to monitor your competitors' websites for changes. [More]

Calculating Website ROI for Banks and Credit Unions

For over 10 years we have worked with banks and credit union managers to design and implement online banking, internet & e-mail marketing, customer service and website solutions. In many instances, prior to our work with the organization, they had few metrics by which they measured their website's return on investment (ROI). To help our prospective clients establish a starting point for measuring ROI, we created an online Bank and Credit Union Website ROI Calculator. [More]

Ally Bank Provides Good Example of Straightforward Twitter Use to Engage & Serve Customers

One of the most popular questions we've fielded from our clients over the past twelve months has been, "How do we use Facebook and Twitter effectively?" While can provide many strategies that vary by client, a real-world example speaks volumes. Ally Bank provides just such an example. [More]

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