Banks and Credit Unions Missing Opportunities by Not Implementing Live Chat on Websites

With so many users turning to the Internet for their banking activities, it's disappointing how few small banks and credit unions offer customers a live chat communication channel on their public facing websites. Live chat results in significant cost savings versus telephone support. Live chat also increases a bank or credit union's ability to convert visitors into new customers. Given these and other benefits, I'm consistently surprised at the two reasons managers most commonly give for not implementing live chat. [More]

How Credit Unions and Banks Could Use Social Networking More Effectively

The CEO of a mid-sized credit union in Michigan called me to ask advice on how best to use Facebook as part of his credit union's marketing strategy. He wanted to know the benefit of having a Facebook page and how it would actually benefit his bottom line. He was skeptical of the value that social media offered his organization and wondered if I thought his skepticism was justified. He said my answer was helpful to his decision whether to move forward, so I thought the information might also help other bank and credit union executives in evaluating whether to use social media. [More]

Internet Evolution Magazine Spotlights InetSolution in Discussion of Website ROI

Internet Evolution magazine has spotlighted InetSolution in an article today discussing the increasing interest in measuring website ROI on websites, especially those banking and other websites that are not traditional e-commerce websites.

Might this visibility increase the attention this bank gives to reducing wait times?

If you've ever called your utility company, credit card company or any large corporation, you've likely experienced the frustration of sitting on hold for painfully long periods of time. Some companies have helpful phone systems that will tell you that you're caller number X in the queue, or that your expected wait time is Xteen minutes. That's cool, and helpful, but today I saw something on one of my banking websites that I think raises the bar for companies providing telephone customer service. [More]

Single Versus Staged Rollout for Bank and Credit Union Websites - Which Is Better?

I'm a huge proponent of staged rollouts for credit union websites, especially if the sites are ground up builds packed with new features. I sometimes have to fight hard to convince my clients of the benefits since most of the time they're giddy with excitement about the new website and want to give their members access to everything on day one. I usually spend a lot of time selling the virtues of delayed gratification, mostly in writing, sometimes verbally. I thought today it would be interesting to try a slightly different approach with a fun new client. [More]

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