Is Your Website Ready for the New Google Instant Preview Feature

Google has unveiled it’s new instant preview feature that will let users see a small thumbnail of your website before they click through from the Google search results page (SERP). After using the feature tonight I see opportunities for website designers to tweak site designs to help sell users on clicking through. In fact, if this new feature catches on, it could make these types of design tweaks even more important as title and meta description tag optimization when it comes to triggering click action. [More]

Banks, Credit Unions, Collaboration and Compliance. What a Mess!

I wrote a post the other day about social media that mentioned a service called Yammer. I got a couple of emails asking if I knew of any issues with using the system and good ole compliance regulations. Now I don't know the answer to that exact question, but it brought up a slew of other ones in my mind around the idea of collaboration and modern "web worker" tools. [More]

Paying for better customer experience

84% of customers would be prepared to pay 5% over the standard rate for a superior customer experience, 62% would pay 10% more, 25% would pay 15% more and 11% would pay 25% more. [More]

Four Metrics to Look at on your Bank or Credit Union Website

Earlier I wrote a post about looking at analytics for your website to help determine what may be going wrong or right on it, especially before embarking on a website redesign.

Well I got a lot of emails asking what specific things people should be looking at...I know now that “all of them” probably wasn’t the answer they were looking for. So here we go, four metrics to look at weekly within Google Analytics. [More]

Social Media Is a Waste of Time?

Yesterday The Financial Brand took off the proverbial gloves with a great article, Why Social Media Is a Waste of Time for Most Banks & Credit Unions. We highly suggest you take the 10 minutes to give it a read. It is a blunt, to the point article about the realities around social media in the financial world. [More]

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