Prevent Google from Indexing Portions of a Page

Today one of my clients asked whether it's possible to instruct Googlebot to ignore a portion of a web page when crawling and indexing his web site. This client shows product pricing on their web site, but would prefer that Google not index the prices so that they do not appear in search results. I was not aware of a directive that Googlebot would follow to ignore anything other than entire web sites, pages or folders, so I researched the topic and here's what I learned. [More]

Post Online Surveys to Your Bank or Credit Union Website for Free

One of the easiest methods to quickly collect customer feedback is via online surveys, posted either on your website or distributed via email. Since few website content management systems (CMSs) offer survey tools and third-party products can be expensive and cumbersome to install, not many small and mid-size banks and credit unions use online surveys. Using a new feature in Google spreadsheets, anyone can easily create, distribute and analyze online surveys. Best of all, it's free! Let me show you how to get started. First, let me share an important disclaimer: Spreadsheets are not databases. Spreadsheets are not databases. (Twice for emphasis) The process is simple: Go to and sign up for your free account Create a new, empty spreadsheet Click on the Share tab and input a name when prompted Click the "to fill out a form" radio button in the Invite People: se... [More]

Using heat maps to see how visitors use your website

Your home page is the most valuable real estate on your website, but also the hardest page to choose content for and layout. A good home page will drive visitors into your site, while a poor home page will drive visitors away. But how can you tell exactly how visitors are using your home page? [More]

How to Setup 301 Redirect in classic ASP, ASP.Net and IIS 6.0

Numerous bank and credit union website managers have asked me why their website traffic and sales dropped after launching new, improved websites. Numerous factors have contributed to the declindes, but there is one frequent cause that the designers didn't plan for when building the new sites - page renaming without setting up proper redirects. If you’re planning to redesign your credit union or bank's website, you need to understand what this means, why it happens and how you can avoid the problem. [More]

How to Rewrite URLs in ASP on IIS Using ISAPI_Rewrite

Most search optimization experts know the benefits of including keywords in URLs. But many credit union and bank websites store content in a database and use query string values to pass a record identifier to a single page that displays the content dynamically. The URLs look like http://…/news-display.asp?articleid=7584. Unfortunately, this method does not allow you to show search engines your keywords in the page file name like you could with a static HTML page. There is a solution however, and it’s called URL rewriting. [More]

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