CSS Style Switcher: A quick and dirty how-to

Learn how to dynamically change CSS styles on your website using our CSS Style Switcher. [More]

An Idea for Banks and Credit Unions to Use Foursquare

Banks and credit unions are flocking to Facebook and Twitter in droves to begin engaging customers in dialogue, or for those just getting their feet wet, to launch listening campaigns. One relatively young social networking tool that some banks are starting to experiment with is Foursquare. Since some of our clients have asked me for ideas recently on how they could use it, I'm going to share one now prompted by North Share Bank in Wisconsin. [More]

Modern Take on Keynesian and Austrian Economic Theory

I liked this innovative approach to showcasing the root fundamentals of the economic theories of Hayek and Keynes. I was also impressed that they shot the video for this on a Canon 7D digital SLR. Give it a look, it'll take you back to all the good memories you have of college econ lectures. [More]

Using Google Reader to Monitor Competitor Websites for Changes

Checkout how to use Google Reader to monitor your competitors' websites for changes. [More]

Comparing Changes in Word Documents Using Google Docs

Yesterday one of my clients called to ask me for help comparing two versions of a legal document in Microsoft Word. He had sent a legal contract to someone who subsequently edited and returned the document, but without any indication of the changes made. Word does have a feature to allow you to compare two revisions of a document to find the changes, but some people find it clunky to use. I suggested an easier method that even a computer novice can do using the free Google Docs application. [More]

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