How to Setup 301 Redirect in classic ASP, ASP.Net and IIS 6.0

Numerous bank and credit union website managers have asked me why their website traffic and sales dropped after launching new, improved websites. Numerous factors have contributed to the declindes, but there is one frequent cause that the designers didn't plan for when building the new sites - page renaming without setting up proper redirects. If you’re planning to redesign your credit union or bank's website, you need to understand what this means, why it happens and how you can avoid the problem. [More]

Hang Pictures without Nails, Screws or Tools

Today I hung a 38" x 38" framed picture in less than 30 seconds without nails, screws, a hammer or drill by using the most innovative, yet simple invention I've seen in years. [More]

Tips for Creating an Effective Website Design Request for Proposal

Nine out of ten requests for proposal that we receive at InetSolution do not contain enough information for us to provide a reliable cost estimate or recommendation for a solution. This severely hinders a bank, credit union or any business from receiving good proposals from quality firms. We will offer some guidance to business managers who are creating requests for proposal to help ensure that your RFP can help companies to provide you with a proposal that actually provides a reliable estimate and meaningful solution. [More]

How To Plan Effective Online Surveys on Bank and Credit Union Websites

Web site surveys; those little two or three question boxes in the corner of the page that appear as an afterthought. Usually the questions are placed to provoke discussion or elicit a response. How many surveys used on web sites actually aggregate useful information. More importantly, how many communicate to a web site visitor that their information has the potential to make their lives on-line a bit easier? Planning for a survey. It seems pretty elemental, but many marketers will grab a few questions, aggregate a response, then they will see if the information fits a solution they are in search of. It's pure reverse engineering, and it just doesn't work well. Starting with a general question, develop general answers: Example: Which feature are you more interested in? Online Bill Payment Online e-Statements Online Check Images While the temptation may be strong to toss thi... [More]

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