2002 Credit Union Website Usability Issue Eight - Insufficient Communications Post-Transaction

After a member spends the better portion of his evening rounding up financial records, placing very sensitive information into an on-line loan application and submitting all of it in good faith he receives this confirmation: Thank you for your information, expect a reply sometime soon.

This leaves the member staring at his screen, rubbing his temples, wondering exactly when he will have an answer. Unfortunately, this is a very common scenario on credit union web sites and is a poor representation of the personal service that many credit unions pride themselves on.

Offer a better thank you and what to expect message after a member submits a form than this one.

The Fix: Technology makes it easier than ever to personalize e-mail response forms, so there is no reason not to address your member by name. Next, set the expectation. At your physical branch, does your loan officer take the application from your member with a simple “Thanks, we’ll be in touch.” Explain the process in brief, how long the “typical” approval takes, what the next steps will be, and what additional materials may be required at signing. Lastly, place the name of a real person, not a department name, in the closing, and list a telephone number for further questions or status updates.

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