2002 Credit Union Website Usability Issue Six - Positioning the Credit Union Web site as a Narrow Gateway to Services

Clearly there is demand by credit union members to have on-line access to their account information, the ability to pay bills on-line and review canceled checks. However, this is not the only reason to maintain a web site for a credit union. Maintaining this small-picture thinking will only position the web site as a welcome mat for third-party services. Web sites need to spark interest and invite members to return on a regular basis. They need to function as a resource that members refer to and rely on to provide instructive, practical information. Members rely on their credit unions for financial advice, but too few credit union web sites deliver on this member expectation.

Offer more than just 3rd party links on your site.

The Fix: Change or freshen content at least once every two weeks. Draw parallels between the content on the home page with products or services within, but foremost, provoke a call to action. Doing this on a regular basis, and marketing your web site in your statements and signage will assist with a progressive increase in your web site visits, thus increasing product and service awareness. Keep track of the questions your members most often ask credit union staff members and develop educational content for your site based on these topics. Defining the credit union as an authoritative resource for financial matters will result in members using more credit union services.

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