Is your homepage really creating new customers?

I ask web site owners this question a lot and many have no idea if their sites are actually creating new customers. Many assume that they are but have no definitive way of measuring the results of their home pages. So I usually follow on with a question of "Well what’s the main goal of your home page?"

Most of the time people will respond with a list of 5-10 things that their homepage is really supposed to be doing, but the sad part is that any given page is really bad at communicating more than one or two things at a glance and therefore isn’t doing any of those things well.

If you look around the web today you’ll see a lot of the new web based services have similar homepage layouts and designs usually centered around a giant button with a clear definitive call such as "Sign up" or "View prices & plans".

Many financial institutions could benefit by looking at their current home pages and asking if the page’s main objective aligns with the organization’s strategic goals and then updating to make that page as simple, clear and obvious as possible.

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