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Four Common Data Sharing Methods that Provide a False Sense of Security

Posted by Jason Sherrill on 1/20/2011

Security gets a lot of attention in business today, but there are still some common practices that provide people with a false sense of safety when sharing sensitive data and files with others. Review these practices and make sure that everyone in your organization knows that these practices are dangerous and should not be used.

600 New Ideas to Improve Bank and Credit Union Products & Services

Posted by Jason Sherrill on 8/20/2010

Today Seth Godin shared a good idea that could have a profound impact on any bank, credit union or other type of business. It would take little effort, maybe a few minutes each day, Monday through Friday. The idea costs nothing to implement (except a few minutes of time each day) and is so easy that everyone in an organization could participate.

CSS How To: Create a Print Friendly Style Sheet for Websites and Blogs

Posted by Donovan Myers on 3/30/2010

Some users like to print web pages, especially interest rate and disclosure pages on banking websites. Likewise, loan application confirmation pages on bank and credit union websites should be printable since customers often like to print copies for their records.

Creating Conditionally Required Fields on HTML Forms

Posted by Donovan Myers on 3/23/2010

Recently, I was asked by one of our credit union clients to come up with a way to make one set of input fields required if a particular radio button was checked and another set of input fields if the other radio button was checked. That would be just a simple JavaScript form check, however we also wanted to use CSS to visually let the user know that the field had just become required by making the text bold as well as adding a red asterisk (*) to the beginning.

CSS Style Switcher: A quick and dirty how-to

Posted by Donovan Myers on 3/18/2010

Before you begin to start switching CSS styles on your web site, it is very important that you have already developed it using structural XHTML. It is also necessary that you have created at least 1 style sheet, and for the purposes of this tutorial, 1 alternate style sheet.
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