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5 Creative Uses for Secure File Exchange

Secure File Exchange is one of those apps that we just love to work on because there are so many creative ways our customer's using it. So, we figured we would share a few:

  1. New Customer Signup - When you're in the financial field, getting someone to come to your office and sign paper work isn't always convenient (or possible). When a digital PDF is all that's required, a customer can fill out their application and then send it to you with ease.
  2. Fax Replacement - Who does business by fax anymore? Besides, faxing a form isn't any more secure than sending an email.
  3. Engineering Drawings - Engineering these days is done with expensive CAD software, resulting in huge 3D rendering files and plenty of intellectual property. Most email servers are not too fond of 1GB files be sent through them.
  4. Adoption Paperwork - The adoption process involves a lot of sensitive and personal data being transferred between potential families, agencies and governments throughout the world.
  5. Secret Newsletter - Sneaky right? A newsletter that shouldn't be sitting around in an old email inbox. You have to know who's who and the secret handshake to get onto this list.

If you're using Secure File Exchange in a creative way please drop us a message or leave a comment below, we'd love to hear your stories.

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