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Advice to Banks and Credit Unions for Establishing Website Development Budgets

Posted by Erin Sherrill

If you're in charge of determining a budget for website development & ongoing management for a bank or credit union, the most critical success factor is ensuring you follow a reliable formula. One such formual is:

Reasonable Expectations + Reasonable Budget = Likely Success

“How much should this project cost?”

That’s an important question and it's critical that you involve the people most capable of answering that question accurately early in the process. In nearly all cases, you'll need key technical, creative, and management people with expertise in the technical processes, as well as the strategic & tactical goals of the organization to arrive at a reliable answer.

Quick Fix to Improve Website Speed for Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Posted by

For the past two years, Google has evaluated a website's page speed as a factor when ranking search results. The majority of bank and credit union websites we tested in the past year could realize a significant speed boost by just one simple change. In this blog post, we'll look at what it is and a few ways to fix the issue quickly.

Customers Complaining About Unexpected Popup Ads on Your Bank or Credit Union Website?

Posted by Erin Sherrill

Getting complaints about popup ads on your bank or credit union website even though your website doesn't contain any popup ads? Often website owners immediately think their website has been hacked, but often the root cause is actually very different.

The Human Side of Accessibility

Posted by Misti Kenison

Often when we discuss website accessibility, it is within a technical or even legal explanation of the necessity of making a site compliant. But I’d like to argue that there is another side to accessibility that is far more important.

Creating Accessible, Fillable PDF Forms

Posted by Donovan Myers

One of the common things we find when scanning a site for accessibility issues are linked PDFs that are not accessible. It may seem daunting to create or update your existing PDFs in an accessible format, but Adobe Acrobat provides Accessibility tools to do just that.
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