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A collection of advice by InetSolution about programming, security, design and marketing for bank and credit union professionals.

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Removing Meta Data from Documents on Bank Websites

Posted by Jason Sherrill

When you upload documents, such as PDFs or Word files, to your website you may be unwittingly divulging information that could prove useful to hackers and other outside parties. If you’ve had any sort of vulnerability assessment performed on your website, you may see a reference to this metadata existing on your website. While it’s a relatively low risk threat, to stay in the good graces of your risk department, you’ll likely want to remove this data from documents before you publish to your website.

Delivered Secure v4.0 Brings New Drop Off Feature and Security Enhancements

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Delivered Secure, our secure messaging and document delivery web app, is getting a handy new feature and some security enhancements. The new Drop Off feature will be especially useful for loan officers in banks and credit unions. 

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