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InetSolution and Central Corporate Credit Union Help Credit Unions Offer Online Services

UTICA, MI - November 27, 2000 -- As financial institutions move more of their services online, small regional credit unions are faced with the fact that they must also migrate to the Internet just to compete with their larger counterparts. Now Central Corporate Credit Union, a correspondent service provider to credit unions, is offering its member institutions an edge in online banking thanks to CenCorp's EDGE On-line. Developed by InetSolution, Inc. for CenCorp, EDGE On-line is an Internet-based cash management system for credit unions that allows them real-time access to current account information and lets them perform routine transactions online.

"EDGE On-line will provide member credit unions with the ultimate experience in connectivity," says Ron Boehnlein, CenCorp's Chief Financial Officer. "This system is easier and quicker and will save our credit unions valuable time and money. We are pleased to be able to get this service out to our credit unions at a time when everyone is looking at Internet access and how it can be used to help their credit unions."

InetSolution, Inc. included its InetActive™ Admin tool in the CenCorp site redesign, allowing CenCorp to maintain its own site without programming knowledge. The new CenCorp site features EDGE On-line along with InetSolution, Inc.'s powerful MemberProtect® security system. CU Member Protect™ gives credit unions powerful encryption capabilities and allows full member profiling and transaction logging. "The MemberProtect™ security system protects banking data and makes CenCorp's site one of the most secure corporate credit union sites," explains Jason Sherrill, President of InetSolution, Inc.

InetSolution, Inc. is an interactive Web site and multimedia development company serving a wide variety of industries, including banking, insurance, technology, real estate and education. For more information about EDGE On-line, MemberProtect® security system, the InetActive Admin tool or any other InetSolution, Inc. products and services, visit the company's site at https://www.inetsolution.com.

Central Corporate Credit Union provides quality product and service support to its member credit unions and is located in Southfield, Michigan. For more information about CenCorp's services, visit https://www.alloyacorp.org.

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