How to Setup 301 Redirect in classic ASP, ASP.Net and IIS 6.0

Numerous bank and credit union website managers have asked me why their website traffic and sales dropped after launching new, improved websites. Numerous factors have contributed to the declindes, but there is one frequent cause that the designers didn't plan for when building the new sites - page renaming without setting up proper redirects. If you’re planning to redesign your credit union or bank's website, you need to understand what this means, why it happens and how you can avoid the problem. [More]

How to Rewrite URLs in ASP on IIS Using ISAPI_Rewrite

Most search optimization experts know the benefits of including keywords in URLs. But many credit union and bank websites store content in a database and use query string values to pass a record identifier to a single page that displays the content dynamically. The URLs look like http://…/news-display.asp?articleid=7584. Unfortunately, this method does not allow you to show search engines your keywords in the page file name like you could with a static HTML page. There is a solution however, and it’s called URL rewriting. [More]

Recreating Low Resolution Logo Scans as Print Ready Vector Graphics

From time to time we come across a client who does not have any digital files for their branding. The original designer or printer (sometimes one in the same) never delivered the source files or they were lost after being created several years ago. Many times all we have to work with is a scan from a business card or brochure.

All is not lost, because with a few simple tricks in Illustrator, we can recreate the logo in a much easier format to work with. All in less time than it takes to make a phone call to the original designer (who has probably lost the files anyway). [More]

How to sort an array in classic ASP

When working with database recordsets in an Active Server Pages environment, I often need to store my data in an array. The difficulty with arrays is that there are no native functions in VB Script to easily sort an array. I've created a quick function that will easily sort arrays. This function will reorder all the information in each row of the array so that the selected array column is sorted. The first row of the array is used to decide which variable types are being used for the sort column. I use this in many of my sites where I have to pull back encrypted data from the database. I decrypt the data with our MemberProtect object inside of the ASP script then place all the data into an array. Once the data is in the array I can sort it and display it to the user. Future enhancements to this function will include the ability to select which column of the array you would like to sort o... [More]

Hang Pictures without Nails, Screws or Tools

Today I hung a 38" x 38" framed picture in less than 30 seconds without nails, screws, a hammer or drill by using the most innovative, yet simple invention I've seen in years. [More]

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